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mbti for beginners

all info taken from a masterpost + some other things i found that might be useful

As I am incredibly tired of seeing people:

  • Type people/characters/themselves with letters rather than functions.

  • Spread ridiculous stereotypes.

  • Trust tests without reading the description of their type.

  • Think that their MBTI type changes.

I could go on and on and on… I’ve decided to make a MBTI masterpost that will help everyone who wants to introduce themselves to MBTI. If you have any doubts I’ll be pleased to solve them. MASTERPOST SOURCE!

refuting stereotypes & reasons for mistyping

step one

I won’t let you introduce yourself to MBTI without first clearing your mind from all those shitty stereotypes the world has been feeding you with. I’m gonna do you a favour and leave this beautiful post here: The most common reasons of mistyping. "While mistyping is typically harmless and innocent, as typology is often exaggerated and abused it becomes a problem for other people to identify with their own type. Those educated with function theory have been becoming jaded with the online typology communities misrepresenting each type. This actually brings out a circle of issues that just keeps feeding into its own problems." READ the complete tumblr post because it is important.


step two

First of all you need to understand what functions are, what different types you can find, how they work, how they are structured, etc.

  1. This post is important, clear and a fundamental base of MBTI knowledge. Don’t skip this step. It’s a key part to understanding how it works. MBTI is all about thought process and this post explains perfectly how it works.

  2. A very detailed explanation on how functions work, engage in and interact with the world. WARNING: This is explained in a quite ‘scientific’ way and if it’s only going to confuse you more, don’t read it.

  3. Core descriptions of the Cognitive Functions "So, a lot of people have trouble with identifying the cognitive functions, mainly because on the internet most blogs will tell you what the functions DO, instead of what the functions ARE."

  4. How are the cognitive functions structured? Or: how functions work depending on where they are placed.

  5. And here you can understand how functions compliment one another.

  6. Another explanation just in case you didn't get it yet

Understanding functions: An explanation of all functions.
How each function works in all four positions:
Ne - Se - Ni - Si - Ti - Fi - Te - Fe

the types

step three

I’m gonna keep this short, because you already should know enough just based on the functions.


step four

Things to remember: stereotypes are nasty, letters are irrelevant.

Developing your functions, loops and giving advice!

step five

Your functions balance each other out and finding a perfect balance by developing all of your functions will help you be a healthier human being. This could also help you give advice to friends if you know their type!

However, undeveloped functions aren’t the only issue you could face. Sometimes people find themselves in what we call ‘loops’. Woah, I know… Loops? What’s that? Am I in one? How do I get out of it? Do not worry, here you have some more info:

How to get out of it? Easy. Spot what you do and avoid doing it. Be self aware. Yeah, that’s literally it.


This is the link to it, all I did was take the time to compile the broken links.

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